The CAMF’s

For us this vacation was a dream come true!
  • Charter Codename: CAMF’s
  • Date of Visit: February 2018
  • Charter Length: 9 days
What an amazing week! Not sure where to start…Cindy, you are a wonderful cook. You spoiled us every day and every meal with your fabulous concoctions. Just the smells from the kitchen were delicious. Derek, you are certainly the jack of all trades. Very impressive as a captain, and a leader. You certainly know your way around the islands and the boat. Most of of all, thank you for making us feel like KINGS and QUEENS and more importantly, like FAMILY! Can’t wait till next year!

Love you both!
Terri B., Jacksonville


Amazing week! Wonderful memories made! Can’t wait to start the planning for next year’s trip!
Maria, Pennsylvania

We came into this week not knowing if this type of vacation was for us…well we found out almost immediately that it was and a big part of that was because of the two of you! Derek made the choice of ARAVILLA an easy one by making initial arrangements easy and clear! Even though the first few days were a “little breezy”, we were having a blast! Your boat is amazing and we were comfortable the entire time. Cindy, your company and breakfast, lunch and dinners were just simply amazing. Definitely one of the things that made the trip for us!! I think the best outcome of the trip was how quickly we became friends and how easy it was for us to spend time together! You are now part of our family! We look forward to our return next year!!

With Love,
Dan, Pennsylvania

For us this vacation was a dream come true! I have to say I was a little nervous, not knowing what to expect. Would the food be good? Would I get seasick? Would I go stir crazy? Can I get in and out of a dinghy?

To answer, we are all closer than before and we’ve made new friends in you! The food was off the hook! I will most definitely be taking some recipes home. No seasickness! Yay! I LOVE SAILING and will be back next year – that is CERTAIN! Thank you for everything, and especially for going along with all our foolishness!

See you in 2019!
Nicole and Lou, Pennsylvania