Mega Yacht caught upclose today

One of the great things about hanging out in these Caribbean marinas is that you get to see a LOT of so called Motor or Mega Yachts. These are the ships of fantasy – several hundred foot, multi-hundred million dollar, floating cities, that are usually crewed by more people than they expect as guests. They also seem to change names (or perhaps ownership) very frequently it seems.

Mega Yacht

The picture above is of MY Four Aces. For example, it lists a crew of 13 and expects a maximum guest list of 12 in 6 cabins. Their wifi was so powerful we could associate to our phones from over 500 meters away direct line of sight. To add to the renaming mythology, this boat has since this picture was taken changed names to Jaguar (Four Aces was it’s 3rd name from my research).

For insight, the last charter pricing we saw was around $580K USD per-week. That was unfortunately minus fuel and chef. Good lord.


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