More Snow In April

It’s official – winter in Canada simply won’t end as we’ve received more snow in April. Actually, it is now April 23rd and although we had a spell of near-20 degree days a couple weeks back, the white death has returned with a vengeance. It’s pretty unfortunate as spring fever hit hard once the sun was shining and patios began to open again. Mother Nature it appears, as she can and will do, had another idea and brought us several days of flurries, sleet, snow, and something called graupel, which until recently was unknown to just about everyone. Leave it to the German’s to come up with a fancy name like that for something quite cool (literally – supercooled droplets of water that collect on falling snowflakes).


Graupel – it’s not snow, it’s not hail, it’s not sleet!

Despite the weather, the planning for ARAVILLA continues and this week we were able to finally spend some time on the business. Our last couple of weeks have been a on-going exercise in project management, living in small spaces, and patience as we’ve been through some home renovations, some MORE unexpected renovations, and what can only be described as an unholy mess. Fortunately all the construction, noise, equipment, random people, and mess is now gone and we can enjoy living in the house again.

This next week of weather looks good to attempt more website work, more planning and discussions around founding the business, and to organize thoughts. I’ve also got about 10000 pictures to go through and try to distil some of the very best out to post here on the site eventually. One of the charter “add-on” options that I’m interested in investigating is whether customers would enjoy a few dozen high-quality pictures of their charter – including all the people on the charter. The biggest problem having “a photographer” in your group is that poor soul never ends up in any pictures, or if they do, the composition and quality is usually pretty poor (as they’ve likely handed the camera off to a fellow tourist or local for the snap). Given that we’ll know the geography and scenic areas, it might be a great benefit to have our camera always handy for those “can’t miss” shots, which we can develop and share with customers (and hopefully with permission, via social media too!).


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