Hurricane IRMA

I Love SXMThis is a post we hoped we didn’t have to write, but unfortunately, the inevitable has come and it is time. Hurricane IRMA is now a super powerful Category 5 storm with sustained winds of 150Kts/170MPH/230Kph, possibly 50ft waves near the eye centre, a massive storm surge, and torrential rains.

It now has SXM directly in the crosshairs, and along with Anguilla and St Barth’s it is scheduled to hit with tropical storm force winds in the evening on the 5th and making destructive hurricane landfall early Wednesday Sept 6th. At its current speed the storm part of this nightmare should be over by dinner time on the 6th, however, in those 8h it will pummel the islands and everything on them, leaving behind almost complete destruction. This will be a devastating storm for people, houses, vegetation, boats, infrastructure and the islands in general. We have secured ARAVILLA as best we can and we’re now hoping there is something positive with the storm track/strength. Every little bit will help at this point.

Friendly IslandOur most important concern at this point is to wish everyone in its path the best and plead with people to please stay safe, be fully prepared for the worst, and take no unnecessary risks. We’ve said this a lot this last few days, but it bears repeating — things can be replaced, people cannot. We will give updates on the status of the islands, our community there, and the boats when we can. For now we wait and think positive thoughts for the Friendly Island, its neighbours, and all there battling this impending disaster.



Please see the following links for some information:
National Hurricane Center
Storm Carib
Weather Underground
Island 92

Much Love and Hope
Derek & Cindy

32 thoughts on “Hurricane IRMA

  1. Thinking of you and everyone in the islands. My heart breaks for all those who are coping with the loss and destruction left behind. May you stay safe and strong as you deal with the aftermath. Much love and light being sent your way.

    1. You should book Aravilla Wendy with your friends. Cat holds 6 of you and then the captain Derek and Cindy. Guarantee good times ❤

  2. “We have secured Aravilla” – I assume it’s not possible for you to GTFOutta there, go visit somewhere out of the storm path for a few weeks? I’ll admit I have no idea of the practicalities, or how truly deep-sea-worthy you are. In any case, best of luck to you+yours!

    1. That’s a plan some people take for sure. However, our boat was secured on the hard a month ago which leaves it in “hurricane ready” state and buried deep in a boat yard. To fly down, prepare and plead with the yard to relaunch, and then get the hell out of the way of a storm that apparently cannot make up its mind — I won’t say it’s impossible, but very risky.

    2. Ah I see, sorry, hadn’t realised it was already ashore, and in fact sounded like you were on it. If you’re far from danger, you’re absolutely right, not worth the risk. Stay safe, and best of luck!

  3. Derek/Cindy we sailor’s always hang together 🙂 understand that she is only a boat and can be replaced but the two of you cannot. Godspeed and if you make it up to the Midwest I’ve got a sailboat for you on Lake Michigan that you can enjoy.

  4. We are very worried. We are picking Sandra and Eric tomorrow in Seattle to stay with us again before they fly home. Hope there is an island to go home to.

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