Happy Canada Day

Canada Day 2015It’s July 1st, which means the annual celebration of Canada Day – Canada’s official birthday. This year our fine nation turns 148 years old. While most years we’d be off lounging at a cottage having beers and BBQ, or making a pilgrimage to Toronto or Montreal for some big city fun, this year it falls on a Wednesday meaning it’s pretty tough to make a multi-day escape feasible. Canada Day also always falls one day after Cindy’s birthday, which usually means there is a bit of sluggishness to the day trying to work off the prior nights exploits. Oh, Happy Birthday Cinderella…hopefully you liked your new dress!

Another reason we’re not straying far from home is we have a few matters we needed to sort through that needed immediate attention. More to follow on one of these in a future post, however suffice to say it’s been a productive if not ho-hum day around the house.

One of the major tasks accomplished this week was finalizing all the server moves relating to a hosting business we run. Moving these things is always an exercise in “looks easy on the surface” culminating with a “holy cow that was a lot more involved than originally thought’. Despite best efforts, years of experience, and new tools and features available, there were the inevitable “dammit” moments and a requisite near-all-nighter. All is well now and the servers are now happily running in a more cost-effective and future-proofed setup which has allowed a lot of new comfort.

Also exciting this coming weekend is the start of the Tour De France – another annual event. For those that don’t know, it’s a 21-day bicycle race through France (and sometimes other nearby parts of Europe) that sees riders cover upwards of 3500km, summit some of the most unforgiving peaks in the Alps and Pyrenees mountain ranges, and ensure what can only be unimaginable amounts of pain and suffering. Such a beautiful sport, despite the recent nonsense with doping and scandal.

Okay, off to enjoy some fireworks and drink some Canadian beer. More to follow on the next adventure soon!

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